Round 2

So like, you know life happened and I have been absolutely terrible at keeping up with this. I’m sorry (to all my haters and lovers) for taking so long to post, I know y’all missed me. This is fixing to be a really long post so I’m sorry for that too. But yeah, the time here has been pretty dope (except for the part when I was sick for three weeks, and then when I fell off my motorbike (twice), but I’m still thriving…)

OH AND this time I definitely took hella pics and I’m pretty excited to include them. There were so many school events and I travelled a bit, I even hiked more (yay me…)

I decide that it’d be best if I just rushed it towards the end cause that’s when I was sick and I really didn’t do anything but lie in bed and cry in pain. (jk I just watched hella Netflix)

I also realized that I didn’t actually mentioned what grades I was teaching, so yeah I am teaching Mathayom 3, 5, and 6 (which are 9th, 11th, and 12th graders). And I have a Prathom 1 (1st grade) class for 3 HOURS once a week. Yes, you heard me correctly. 3 CONSECUTIVE HOURS OF 1ST GRADERS ONCE A WEEK. ‘Tis fun…

Week No. 4

This was my second week teaching, and honestly I was a little scared at first. The first week had gone so smoothly because I had mostly focused on learning their names (which hasn’t gone so great tbh), but now I actually had to teach them something… In the end, I think it went pretty great. The students still seemed excited as they left class, I still got some “I love you Teacher” as they ran out of class. So overall it was a great week with my high school students. I think I’m actually becoming friends with some of my students [insert another crying emoji].

This was also my first week teaching P1 (Prathom 1) at the Anuban school, which are equivalent to 1st graders. I have about 24 tiny humans for 3 continuous hours. Let’s just say it was definitely the worst part of my week. It’s just so different, going from high schoolers to 1st graders. They went through my 3 hour lesson plan in like an hour. Don’t get me wrong, they are adorable, but they’re also monsters. They’re adorable little monsters (Anna taught me this term). I’m glad it’s only once a week, I’d probably go insane otherwise…

Now that the teaching stuff is out of the way we can talk about the fun parts!!

Aight, so this week on Thursday there was a celebration called “Wai Khru.” Which is their version of Teacher Appreciation. But like I mentioned last time, teachers are hella respected over here, so the event was absolutely beautiful. I felt honored to be a part of it.

This is setup for Wai Khru. The older teacher sit on the stage and us younger folk sit on the side.
Here the students are lined up to give the flower arrangements they made to their teachers. Some of those arrangements were hella beautiful.
This is Teacher Té. She is an incredibly nice lady. She is one of the few teachers I can actually talk to since her English is pretty good. She’s holding one of the flower arrangements the students made, which were so beautiful. Oh and all the teachers have this cool military like uniform and I really want one.
This is me, looking happy af because the event was truly amazing, with my co-teacher, Teacher Rachane. He is still the most helpful human at my school.
THIS IS TEACHER OI!! She is literally like an angel. She’s the one that gives me a ride to school everyday. I asked her if she wanted to take a selfie, and she was so damn excited. ‘Twas adorable. All the students love her, a student recently told me that “her character is like a fairy godmother.” And it was a perfect description.
This was during the second part of the ceremony when the students come up to us younger teachers and give us a small bouquet. We greet then with a “Wai” which is what we’re doing with a hands. DAS ME IN THE MIDDLE, IN WHITE.
Once we greet them, we put our hands on their back and say something nice. I just kept saying “You’re a great student. I’m proud to be your teacher.” After a while, I started to spice it up a bit. I would quote some inspirational movies or songs. They had no idea what I was doing, but I was having a blast.
This is Actor. I can’t pronounce his real name, but that’s his nickname and what everyone calls him so its chill. He’s one of the seniors, and his class is the only one I see 3 times a week. He looked for me after the ceremony to give me a bouquet, and it was absolutely adorable.

Aight, so I’m like pretty sure that the other teachers didn’t want to go back to teaching, so after the ceremony they told me that classes were cancelled for the rest of the day and that the older students had an activity. I mean, I didn’t complain, but I had nothing to do so I was a little bummed. But then Teacher Té walks into my office and asked me why I’m not looking at the activity. So I walk outside and the students are having an absolute blast. It was some sort of induction ceremony, where the M5 and M6 (11th and 12th graders) were inducting the M4 (10th graders). At first I just walked around and I noticed I was legit the only teacher, so I was about to leave when the students started yelling at me so I just decided to join them. Why not…

Okay so most of the “stations” involved water. They’d splash each other with water and they kept having a blast. (get it like a blast of water, I’m funny, I promise). The point of this station was to pull your friends up the little hill while being sprayed with water. It seemed like a dope time.
Aight so I tried for like 30 mins. to upload this as a video but it refused to load so I just made it a gif (THANK YOU SENIOR DESIGN). This station is pretty self explanatory, they have a balloon and it has to make it to the end. After this video I totally tried it, and I got 100% soaked. That’s when I decided to go all in and just have a dope time.
Minny was the first one to to paint my face with this wet powdery colored thing (Thankfully it came out of my shirt). After I had a little paint on my face, the students would not stop. I had like at least 20 different students run up to me and politely ask if they could paint my face, and once I said yes they’s just grab handfuls and go to town on my face. It was pretty damn hilarious
So this one student asked if I’d take a selfie and Im like sure, but then I turn around and all of the students had run up for the selfie, it was pretty dope.
Another selfie with some of my English and Chinese Seniors! These are some of the students that I spent most of my time with, since they understand me the most.
This is the last selfie I took with them, because my shirt started to get dirty and I was afraid my mom would kill me if she saw the pictures. Oh these are my juniors btw
This is one of my other attempts to be aesthetic af. I think I did a pretty good job….
This is the stage in front of the field where we have the flag ceremony every morning. I usually stand right smack in the middle in front of the podium because I don’t have a specific class I’m assigned to take attendance of.
This is also a pic where I was trying to be artsy, it’s not that great but I like it.

Aight, so I spent this weekend visiting my friends in Phrae. It was like a 2 or 3 hour bus ride (I can’t really remember tbh and I’m too lazy to look it up), which was basically spent with me playing games on my phone the whole time and failing to sleep.

The first thing we did when I got to Phrae was go to their walking street! I had a great time! I tried Julia’s favorite waffles and they were damn good! Then we sat and listened to some kids sing, it was beautiful. We met some other foreign teachers in the market, and agreed to go out with them that night. OMG this was also the point when someone asked me if I was teaching the students “Mexican”…
At the end of the walking street was this really nice temple. It had some dope statutes.
Its a giant laying Buddha
My attempt at being aesthetic in the temple

So like I mentioned, we went out that night. I met some pretty great Irish women at one of the bars, and we had a pretty dope convo about guns, immigration, and cannabis legalization. ‘Twas interesting to get a non-American perspective. Then I went on to have some more juice at another bar, and make a fool of myself on dance floor (well not really, Thai people don’t really dance at bars, so it was just us). I had a blast, and that’s all that matters. BUT THEN THE NEXT MORNING PEOPLE. OMG. I swear these people want to kill me. They decided that we were going to a waterfall and then to a temple at the top of a mountain. A MOUNTAIN.

Aight so the first temple was not bad. It was just small walk up the stairs. I wasn’t complaining (too much).
This was pretty. People were walking around this thing and praying which made me feel bad about taking a picture. But then I saw them stop, get on the floor, and take a picture. Then they kept going. And I was just like “alright” and proceeded to do the same.
This be inside the temple. I know it’s crooked. Its bothering me too…
This was the walk down. Not bad at all. I just thought the picture looked nice. Ya feel? With the trees, the flags, and the city in the back.
Aight so on the way to Temple #2 our motorbikes refused to go any further so we have to walk the rest of the way. This might not seem bad, but trust me I am the opposite of in shape.
Here we are giving it a shot
Here is a pic of me giving up like 50% of the way and Julia giving up like 30% of the way.
We actually made it to the top. Tbh too much green for me.
But, I’d still say it was worth it. Especially all my complaining.
I decided, I’d take a pick with everyone who put up with my complaining on the way up. This is Kenz. She’s dope! and this is me doing the heart thing I mentioned last time. Pretty adorable, right?
This is Julia. She’s alright… jk. She’s amazing!
This is Seley. She’s cool. But also dope and amazing! Lowkey, I questioned putting this pic up for like 2 seconds because my grandma once told that only snakes stick out their tongues (referring to my old facebook pic). But I like the pic….
I’m not a snake. I promise.
We decided to take the road back, because stairs are too boring
Random traffic sigh with a Thai flag

At this point we decided that we no longer wanted to hike or walk more so we decided to go check out a nearby waterfall.

I tried to take pictures while Kenz was driving me around but it was pretty hard and I was kinda scared of losing my phone…
This is a picture
This is also a picture

After we finally made it to the waterfall, we were a little too excited. Jules bought this electrolyte powder for her water bottle that looked a little too much like pee…
I tired being aesthetic again, but the butterflies didn’t really feel like doing anything
Honestly, this is dope video with the sound from the water, but it still looks pretty!
It was a bit of an adventure getting to the nice waterfall
So we finally made it to the swimming part! Here is Julia deciding to make the jump of her life.

After this we just went to get dinner then I was on a bus home. This was definitely a dope weekend! I’m glad I decided to get out of bed and do something other than watch Netflix.

Week No. 5

So after having a dope weekend in Phrae, it was time to go back to school. But as it turned out, Monday was a Temple Day. In Thailand the Church and State are not separate, the country is Buddhist. Every morning during assembly they say a prayer and it’s quite nice. The first day I was just mimicking the students around me and then my co-teacher walks up to me and asked if I’m Christian and I say yeah. So he asked me to put my hands down and just bow respectfully. I was a little embarrassed but whatevs. Anyways, so once a month on a Monday we go to a Buddhist temple and the students worship and make gifts for the monks. It very common for there to be temples all over a town. So there plenty of temples to support all of the students.

I took some videos of the students meditating and offering rice or other food to the monks, but the videos refuse to load so I’ll just put snapshots.

Here are the students lined up to meditate. You don’t really see them but the monks are lined up against the wall. They plopped me down in the back and told me to just watch.
Afterwards they all went outside and started making these really nice ornaments out of ribbons. Some of the students started running with the ribbons and playing with them, but I was too lazy to record it.
The boy in front is holding an almost finished ornament, this is the closest to a picture of one that I go to.
After that was done, the students gave their offerings to the monks. It was usually rice or some sort of food item.
I had absolutely no idea what was going on here. There were several groups of students and they would go up and present something and people would clap. So I started to clap, as one does.
Once we left the temple, Teacher Oi took me to the market and basically forced me to try different foods. Trust me, I am not complaining. There is no way I would try them on my own. I have no idea what this is called. I just know it was either bean or pork. It was kind of like a dumpling, but very nutty. I am totes a fan.
She also got me this, which I can’t remember the name, but it was very good. She even bought me some to take home.
And finally, when I got home, I had my favorite meal. This is “Pat Grapow Moo Kai Dow Pet Nit Noi”. Aight I’m gonna break it down. Pat = stir-fried. Grapow = Holy Basil. Moo = Pork (I know how you feel, I was sad too when I realized Moo didn’t mean Beef). Kai Dow = Fried Egg. Pet Nit Noi= A little spicy. When I had this dish for the second time, they asked how spicy I wanted it, so I said “Pet” which just means “spicy”. I wanted to see how it was, and well… I absolutely, 100% died. My mouth felt like it was going to fall off. It totally ruined my meal but now I know to never do that again.

Teaching was chill this week, I thought them about family. So like family members, family trees, asking about family, etc… I kinda felt like it was going to be too easy at first, but a shocking amount of my students did not know basic family members. I made a presentation included pics of my own family members and they definitely had a hoot. Ima say hoot, cause I’m an Owl.

Oh and this week was when I got a cold. And I decided it would just go away so I didn’t take anything and that choice has basically made me miserable for about a month. (I thought it was just a simple cold, I’m still so mad at myself for not doing anything [I’m writing this about 7 weeks later])

At the end of the week, I had planned to go to Chiang Mai with my friends, but my school was having an event on Saturday so I had to bail on Chiang Mai. The event was celebrating the school being opened for 49 years (I think, communication is pretty hard). It was a really nice event, with tons of food, dancing, and money trees. After the event they told me they raised over 1 million baht. The event was split into two parts. The first one in the morning was for current students and the one in the afternoon was for alumni, both made their own money trees.

Before the started the administrative staff went to place offering on the idol at the entrance of the school. There opened a bottle of rum and just left it there, getting baked by the sun. Truly a tragic loss.
Here the students are waiting for meditation to start. I decided to sit near the back because I had no idea what I was doing and I was afraid of doing something disrespectful.
Once it starts the students pull the string from the top and are “connected” to everyone else as the monks begin their prayers. Once the prayer is over, people rip the string form the top and keep it. It was really nice, and I was able to keep the string!
Here are the students giving their money trees to the monks. I was very surprised at the amount of trees that students donated.
Then they gave more rice and food to the monks. This time Teacher Te let me place some of her items into the container. She tried to explain to me why the number 9 was important, but I did not really understand. I just smiled and waved (this is a cultural reference, I hope some of yall understand)
Then the students put on a show. This is some traditional Thai dancing. Again, uploading the videos did not work 😦
This is some more traditional Thai dancing. This one was a lot slower and more relaxed.
She was singing and it was so beautiful. The students dancing around her did an amazing job!
After lunch, the alumni started to show up and that’s when it finally became a real party. I kept seeing ice buckets and beer bottles coming in the door.
They were all having a great time, they even walked outside just so they could walk back inside dancing with their money trees.

This was a pretty good week. By the end of it, I thought my cold had gone away and I spent the rest of the weekend relaxing since my friends had gone to Chiang Mai.

Week No. 6

This was by far the worst week I’ve had in Thailand. Monday morning I woke up shaking and with a terrible headache. So when I got to school, I was clearly dead, but I still had to teach. So I decided to do feelings and emotions, and I quickly went over some really basic vocab that I knew they all knew, and then I just put on Inside Out. Same thing on Tuesday, but the headache was worse. Wednesday we had an anti-drug rally, which was dope cause I was basically able to just sit around and do nothing.

The younger students wore their scout uniform and led the parade. Wednesday is Scout Day, so all the younger students (M1, M2, & M3) have to wear their scout uniform.
The older students made banners and walked behind the younger students
The sun was absolutely terrible this days so students did anything to get away from it
The parade finally started!
Too much joy for such a hot day
After the parade, we had a type of award ceremony for the older students
This was a type of changeover after the results from the election the week before
Then they started a fire to burn symbols of drugs
Here they are burning some of the largest “cigarettes” I’ve ever seen
After the burning, there was another dancing show which was spectacular

The next part is just boring medical stuff so you can ignore it if you don’t really care about my health.

Thursday, I woke up feeling worse than ever, so I called my co-teacher and told him that I was too sick and needed to go to the hospital, so I called Tangmo (she works for my program, TTC) and asked her to take me to the hospital. I went to the hospital and they ran some tests and wanted to keep me overnight but it was way too expensive so I just said I’d go back for a check-up in two days. They were not totally sure what was wrong, but I had a fever of 103F and a terrible headache. They gave me some antibiotics and pain medication to see what happened.

Friday night, I felt just as bad so I called in to work again, but then I started to feel better in the afternoon, and I assumed the antibiotics were working. Then Tangmo asked if I was interested in going to buy a motorbike! And I definitely was even though I could barely move. But I went out and got myself a pretty nice bike for cheap, I was quite excited. Then I spent the rest of the day in bed suffering

On Saturday, Anna took me for my check-up at the hospital. I still had a fever so they ran more tests. They took some more of my blood and then they took some X-Rays of my sinuses. Then I met with an ENT, and he told me that I had sinusitis which was brought on by my uncured cold. He gave me even more antibiotics and then some drugs for cough and told me to go back in a week.

Week No. 7

This week was really uneventful, except that class went really well. My topic this week was hobbies and we played a game (Do you love your neighbor?). It went really well and the students seemed to genuinely like it.

The fun didn’t actually happen till the weekend when I had my check-up. I decide to drive my motorbike to the hospital. I make it all the way to the front of the hospital, but as I was turning into the parking lot, my turn is too wide so I end up hitting the curb. I’m going pretty fast (well as fast as someone can be going when they’re turning, but it was faster than I should), so I fly off my bike and I wasn’t wearing a helmet (I know, I’m sorry) so I put up my arms to protect my head. I land directly on my left arm, so that hurt like hell. But hey I survived.

Since I was in the hospital parking lot, there were several doctor and nurses that ran out to make sure I was okay. Once they saw I was standing and laughing they yelled at me in Thai and I heard the word for “helmet.” ‘Twas a little embarrassing. Then they tell me I need to clean my wounds, that’s when I finally look down to examine my body. My left leg and arm are covered with blood and my ankle is super scraped, so they bring a wheel chair and wheel me to the emergency room. Thats when I look at my watch. It was completely destroyed, saddest moment of my life tbh.

Biggest causality of my incompetent driving. (7 weeks later and it’s still too expensive to repair)

Then in the emergency room they clean me up and try to speak Thai, but that doesn’t go well so they call a doctor over who speaks English. I tell them that my shoulder hurts so they give me an X-ray, and they tell me it’s fine and I should just rest (Turns out they were bloody damn wrong and 7 weeks later and my should still hurts…). They give me MORE antibiotics and send me on my merry way.

Week No. 8

Aight so this week I was basically just writhing in pain and decided that I would just do a chill lesson. The lesson was pretty simple this week and since I didn’t want to move around too much, I just called the students over one by one and had a short convo with them. Most of my assignments are just oral conversations, which takes some time but it seems to work cause I’m able to see where they’re lacking.

Here are a couple of pics from my P1 students.

We learned clothing this week so I had them draw a closet, some of them were a bit too excited.
She was v proud of her closet. She’s also one of my faves
I mentioned how the class was three hours and I learned that they love drawing so we were able to draw two times in one day… I told her her to draw an angry family, I think I should be worried….
The adorable little monsters were more than happy to clean up after they were finished

Week No. 9

This week I only had to go to school on Thursday, because there was a Buddhist holiday Monday-Wednesday and a school meeting on Friday, and since I can’t speak Thai they told me not to worry about going to the meeting. ‘Twas a pretty chill week! Looking back I probs should’ve taken advantage of the 5 day weekend, but I was too lazy to do anything so I just stayed home and explored the city a little bit.

But on Tuesday and Wednesday, I made plans with my friends to go to Chiang Rai. Since it was a Buddhist holiday all my friends were off too. Chiang Rai was a pretty amazing experience, there were definitely a lot more tourists than I expected. I finally felt like was average height again!

Here are some of the pics I took, we visited the White Temple, Blue Temple, and then we spent the 2nd day just walking around.

This is the White Temple. It was pretty damn dope. It was literally so beautiful under the scorching sun, every single of the exterior is white and it shows a progression from evil to good as you walk through it
This was a spooky face which represented evil or “hell.” Tbh I don’t know the Buddhist equivalent to hell so yup.
It was scorching hot but, I only like 25% melted
I just thought this pic looked nice
After the White Temple we went to visit the Blue Temple, which was definitely smaller but it had these huge blue statues in the the entrance that looked dope in the sunlight
Basically everything in this temple was either blue or gold, and it seemed to looked beautiful together
My shoulder was still hurting so I didn’t want to sit on the floor cause getting up would suck, so I just went around and took pics

Week No. 10

Teaching this week was pretty chill. I decided to teach them about entertainment, so there was a lot of talk about movies and music. The students really seemed to enjoy it. We listened to some bops and watched a couple trailers, ’twas fun. We made dialogs about going to the movies or asking someone to play a specific song. This was a little too useful cause the students have started requested music so I can’t bombard them with Country Music anymore 😦

This here is a Mangosteen. It is by far my favorite fruit in Thailand. It has like a hard exterior that you have to crack open and eat the inside which is pre-sliced by nature like an orange.
It was the King’s birthday the following Monday, so on Friday we had a ceremony to honor the King and wish him a Happy Birthday!

Since classes were cancelled on Monday for the King’s B-day, my friends and I decided that it would be a perfect time to visit Pai. Pai was absolutely beautiful! We visited this dope canyon, cozy cafe, and bamboo bridge! We decided to rent motorbikes, since it would be easier to get around. By this point I had gotten used to my fear, so it was alright.

Our first stop was a canyon. ‘Twas pretty beautiful. I have a fear of heights and I was wearing my slides, so walking on this narrow crossway was a real trip. BUT I MADE IT! That tiny human in the background is Fran!
So my friends decided it would be a good idea to risk their lives for a dope pic (I chose to live instead)
Although after looking at these pics, I should’ve probably taken the risk. This is Julia btw, she never says no to a picture so she will be in plenty. And I will always be eternally grateful
Fran also decided that her life was worth a picture
Here we are doing some walking, risking our lives for the views and whatnot
So I begged her to dab, and now I feel it’s only fair that I share this masterpiece with the world
This is also Julia. Always in a good mood….
CAROLINE!! She was showing me all the places where I could fall
This is Fran, she is currently photobombing what could’ve been an amazing picture
This is me, without Fran
I decided that a little risk wouldn’t be so bad
After the canyon, we went to this pretty cozy cafe. It’s called “I Love You, Pai” and it is absolutely stunning. But when we got there, it was pouring outside so we couldn’t enjoy the sights. I had a great time though! I read my book and just swung around
After the cafe, we went to some famous bamboo bridge. I believe it’s called Ko Ku So. ‘Twas a beautiful walk.
I tried a filter on the pic, I am not a fan. But I could not waste a pic.
Julia decided to skip around, which game me a tiny heart attack. We survived though
Another failed filter, but a nice pic regardless
The next day, we just felt like relaxing so we asked our Hostel host if he had any pool recommendations. He had an absolutely amazing rec. He told us about this resort in the mountains that lets you use their pool as long as you buy a drink. It was 100% worth the drink!

Oh and before I forget! I fell off my motorbike again in Pai. It happened on the way home from the bamboo bridge. We were going downhill and it was raining, so when I press the break to turn onto the highway my front tire just gives out and I slide along the street. Luckily I only had a minor scrap on my ankle, but my sandal had slide up along on leg and I had to ripe it off (I was able to superglue it when I got home though!!). The bike though… The seat had completely come off and the side of the bike was all scratched up (I had decided not to pay the extra $4 for insurance…). So when it was time to return the bikes, Fran helped me clean the scraped up side and then we just put the seat on top and hoped the wouldn’t notice (I know, I’m a trash human being, but I was not about to pay whatever crazy fee they were gonna force on me). Luckily, they didn’t notice and we went on our merry way.

Week No. 10

So this was a relatively chill week. Nothing exciting happened at school. This week was midterms, so we did that for the two days and we didn’t have class on Monday. So I only had class on Thursday and Friday. I decided to play a review game with the students that I did see. They had just taken their exam so it was still fresh on their minds. The only pic I took this week was of the morning assembly, after I did the usual awkward walking off.

So after the prayer and once everyone says good morning to each other, they usually sit around and wait for announcements. I decided to stick around this time and take a pic.

Week No. 11

So this was an intense week. It was the Queen Mother’s birthday the following Monday, which is celebrated as Mother’s day. Anna gave me idea of making my lesson be mother themed. I had already done family, so I figured I could expand on that. We went over how to show appreciation and common things that people said when they were grateful. Then if they wanted to, I gave them the extra time after class to make a card for their moms. The lesson wasn’t my best lesson, honestly it was pretty rough. A lot of the students did not understand why we were doing it so they would get frustrated. But I learned from it and changed some things to make them easier for the students to understand.

Since there was no school the next Monday and it was Caroline’s and Julia’s birthdays this weekend, we decided it would be the perfect time to go to the beach and enjoy ourselves. So the entire week I kept looking forward to Phuket in the weekend with all my friends. Twas kinda difficult to actually get work done…

Throughout the week, students were making ornaments to honor the Queen Mother. Most of them would do this after school and I tried helping, but we all quickly realized that I was doing a lot more harm that good. So I just watched.
On Friday we had this big ceremony in the morning to honor the Queen Mother and to also show our respect towards our own mothers.
At the beginning of the ceremony, students would come up to the stage and place ornaments in front of the Queen Mother’s alter
Towards the end, the school director stood up and placed his own ornament to show his respect. Overall, this was a very beautiful ceremony and I learned a lot from my students. I immediately texted my mom to tell her that I loved her.
So, I finally figured out how to upload videos!!!! Here is one of a traditional Thai dance the students did for Mother’s Day.
I figured out that if I want to upload stuff directly, I have to pay. I ain’t about that life

The ceremony ended just before lunch, there was some commotion because apparently all the teachers thought there was going to be a nice lunch after the ceremony, but then they were suddenly told no. So some of the teachers just stormed off, and I was just very confused. I just awkwardly walked towards the canteen and had my usual lunch.

Aight, and then in the afternoon we had “Thai Day” which is apparently an event put on by the school’s Thai department with some plays, singing, and dancing. We were supposed to leave school at like 2, but Teacher Oay saw how much fun I was having and we ended up staying until basically the end. Here are some of my favorite parts of the afternoon

Aight, so this is part of a play that my students put on. Honestly I do not understand a single thing that is being said, but I got the sense it was hilarious
One of my students singing! She was absolutely amazing!!
This student was dope too!!!

There were so many other amazing things that happened, but I didn’t record most of them cause I didn’t want to watching through my phone. They had a fashion show were people worth very traditional Thai clothing and they also had some of the teacher dancing. It seemed like everyone was having a great time. I am so glad I was able to experience this.

Aight so this next part is basically going to be a photo dump of my trip to Phuket. The weather wasn’t the best, but it was still so pretty!

The photos had some order, but they completely lost it when I uploaded them so I think a slideshow is chill. As you can probs tell, Julia is in most of my pics. She was the one who absolutely didn’t mind me taking pictures. I had a great time in Phuket; I would’ve definitely preferred if the weather was better, but I got to spend time with some amazing humans!

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